North Korea


Christians in North Korea are the most persecuted in the world. Many tens of thousands are in prison villages producing food for the ruling elite.

'...fortune tellers are very active in North Korea, but they are still illegal. However, even when their activities are disclosed and they are arrested by the authorities, they are released right away. North Korean authorities are making an effort to obliterate Christianity only.'


Those brave enough to meet in small groups of 3 or 4 close the blinds, block out the windows and send the children out to play. Only then in quietness do they sing and pray and read the teachings of Jesus. Larger groups meet in great secrecy and danger. Bibles are in great demand but being caught in possession of one will lead to imprisonment, confiscation of property and often execution.

One way of sharing the teachings of Jesus with North Koreans is sending helium filled balloons with the Gospel of Mark across the border. Larger balloons might contain a bible and a radio for listening to South Korean Christian broadcasts.


"By sending these balloons, we let our North Korean brothers and sisters know that we are praying for them and the scriptures on the balloons are meant to encourage them."


The underground church of North Korea is a 'church without walls' - meeting in small house groups and finding Jesus' promise come true -


                        'For where two or three are gathered in my name,

                                         there am I in the midst of them.'