Here am I, Lord

Here am I, Lord is a simple worship song using a prayer from the Celtic Daily Prayer book of the Northumbria Community set to music by Keith Duke. It is part of a collection of songs known as SACRED WEAVE released on a c.d. by Kevin Mayhew Ltd. in 2003.


Inspired by worship on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and set to words by David Adam, Ray Simpson and Brian Clark,  Keith Duke's SACRED WEAVE is a beautiful collection of prayer songs.


Our organist, Geoff Davidson, and the church choir were to sing Here am I, Lord  for the Induction Service - it will now be sung at a service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving that will take place when the present health crisis is over and the Kirkcudbright Christian community meet together again in fellowship and praise.

Lord Jesus,

you have called each of us to follow you and be your living disciples in this world. You promise to breathe your Spirit into our hearts if we open them to you and ask you to be our Lord.

Lord, we are here to do your will; show us what we are to do and who we are to become.


Here am I, Lord