Ethiopia is a beautiful country with a Christian church that was founded in the 4th century. Some of the church buildings are hundreds of years old; some have been hewn out of solid rock.

From 1982-85 there was a terrible famine causing huge loss of life partly caused by the communist government which came to power in 1974.

​Mennonite missionaries set up churches in Ethiopia during the 1950's and 60's numbering 5000 members by the early 80's. In 1984 the communists closed their churches and confiscated property.  The Mennonite Christians went underground.


In 1994 the communist government fell and after ten years in hiding the Mennonites started public meetings. Over 50,000 worshippers attended the first meetings.

For ten years they had met in secret, small house groups where the Lord Jesus was the central focus of purpose and direction.

Today the Mennonite Church of Ethiopia has  756 congregations and 875 church planting centres with an attending membership of over 400,000.


Disciples together sharing their good news about Jesus from heart to heart and house to house.