Songs from the East

Living a simple life in near poverty in a monastery is not something many understand. Spending hours in silence and prayer is beyond most of us. Yet throughout the centuries many men and women have chosen this path.


As in all human endeavours there has been room for corruption. Much abuse has taken place over the centuries and come to light in recent years. But in the monasteries there have been many genuine attempts to live a life of worship and listening.  From them have come words and songs of prayer.


Here are several such prayer songs. 



From the Valaam Monastery choir - Agni Parthene. 

I have not been able to find anything about the singers but believe they are from the Russian Orthodox tradition.


Songs to Jesus' mother are not often heard in Scottish presbyterian churches however it is to be remembered that this is an ancient Christian worship tradition that survived decades of fierce communist atheism and persistent oppression.


The chant celebrating Jesus arising on Easter morning can be heard at 27.50.

From the St. Petersburg Chamber Choir  - Holy, holy.