Church Income during the  Covid-19 Virus Outbreak


              I appreciate that the financial position of your Church may not be at the forefront of your concerns at present, but I would ask you to take a moment to consider the following.

 Much of Kirkcudbright Parish Church’s regular income is , in normal times, collected during the Sunday Church service, through Open Plate Offerings or FWO and Weekly Gift Aid Envelopes.

Of course, with the Church closed, and services not likely to resume for many weeks, this method of contributing is not now available to us.

However, we still need your contributions as the work of the Church continues and, indeed, increases in times of hardship.

We will also be denied other sources of income e.g. from our stall at the Country Fair and from catering at the Jazz Festival.

I therefore would encourage you to continue preparing your weekly offering as usual, and if you are able/willing place it in the new red letter box at the side door to the Church Hall.

I will then arrange for the money to be collected and banked.

If you unable to do this, your Elder may be able to help.

Offerings by bank payments-Standing Orders etc. should continue as at present.

Of course, if you need any other kind of help with food deliveries etc, please contact your Elder.


Thank You,

Bill Borthwick                           James Gatherer

Treasurer                                   Minister