Kirkcudbright Church

26 April 2020

The Virtual Sunday services are now available through ZOOM. Please ask your elder about contact details.

As well as our own simple worship time for the 26th April I have added a link to David Bartholomew's service from the Glenkens.

3 April 2020

Virtual Sunday Meetings

As the church premises are currently closed for worship, we hope to hold a live online video meeting on Sunday afternoons during the current crisis. Details of just how easy it is to join in from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, will be sent to interested members of our congregation as soon as possible.

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Our latest challenge at Colvend is the temporary loss of internet. BT seems to be next to impossible to speak to over the phone at the moment and using their website can be daunting especially when all you want to do is ask them some simple questions. Signing up to mega sports channels and light-sabre download speeds? - no problem; can you reconnect me please? - please apply online.

The global and national health crisis slowly worsens with news that the worst is yet to come. In time the inconveniences will become more painful as we see loved ones fall under their shadows. There are often times when all we can do is call upon the Lord for help. But there is good news too. All over the land neighbours are looking out for neighbours; folk are connecting and keeping in touch in all sorts of ways; and it's happening in Christian communities everywhere. Please keep in touch with those who are not on the internet; if you have a loved one or friend in a care home they might arrange for you to wave through the window if you let them know when and where - a wave and a smile can say a lot. Some of the items in this website can be copied, pasted and printed and popped through a letter box.  We've all got phones - may our bills be the largest ever!

I'll be preparing another simple service for Sunday coming - Palm Sunday;

but there all sorts of services of worship online these days -




Much is being said about the importance of keeping fit with daily exercise but spiritual exercise is just as important. Some are lighting a candle every night at seven o'clock and reciting the Lord's Prayer or singing a favourite song. I'll be posting some new worship items soon - I'm trying to ensure they suit a variety of tastes with traditional, meditative and contemporary items.

                In these days of trouble may we all keep our hearts and

              minds on the Lord Jesus and through him be blessed with

                 the Love of the Father and holy Presence of the Spirit.

Sunday 29th March 2020

This morning I listened to a Sunday service David Bartholomew has placed on YouTube. It is a very gentle time of worship with a meditation on Psalm 46 and well worth using for personal devotion. Here is the link.

This morning's news is suggesting that the lock down may be longer than the three weeks first mentioned and so  I may be in the Colvend manse for longer than anticipated. The hope remains to move into the Kirkcudbright Manse as soon as is possible.


The position with baptisms and marriages is that they are all postponed until further notice. Burials and cremations can take place but only with closest family in attendance. The Kirkcudbright undertakers have my contact details and arrangements are in place to help in every way.


I am adding pages to AN EASTER JOURNEY. Starting with Jesus decision to go to Jerusalem for the Passover I have added a page about The Promised Land - a major biblical theme that runs through the Old and New Testaments and the Easter Story.

In WORSHIP there are hymns and songs with notes and a prayer along with a simple service with a prayer, reading, comment and closing worship song. I am very aware that there are folk in our congregation who will not have access to the internet. I shall try to provide the means of printing the service so that it may be put through the letter box of those nearby you think may appreciate it.


A letter from Bill Borthwick and myself has been sent out and emailed. It is a gentle reminder that we are a voluntary association that replies wholly on the personal and financial support of all our people. It may be read here.


Troqueer Church in Dumfries will be streaming daily services throughout Holy Week.

The Church of Scotland website has lists of other church services that can be watched online.

The Glenkens

Thursday 26th March 2020

The removal company arrived at the Colvend Manse on Monday and filled a huge van with most of our worldly possessions. They left it outside the front door with the intention of moving everything into the Kirkcudbright Manse in the morning. In the evening the Prime Minister ordered the lock down. So we are in isolation in Colvend with a large van parked in front of the Manse. If Boris had ordered the lock down on Tuesday evening half our possessions would be in Colvend and the other half in Kirkcudbright so we have much for which to be grateful. We are hoping that the lock down will be lifted by mid April and that the move will be completed then.

Since an important part of the strategy to deal with the COVID-19 crisis is to avoid meeting in groups it is looking unlikely that there will be any public services this Easter season. The Kirkcudbright churches are in touch with one another and any  news will be posted on this site.

I will be adding an EASTER JOURNEY section to this site in the next few days and through it there will be an opportunity to remember and share in Jesus' journey to Jerusalem and Calvary and then to celebrate Easter morning together.


Please try to share this experience with those in your congregation and wider community who do not have access to the internet. May our prayer be to find ways to do so.


Tuesday 24th March 2020


Last Wednesday evening I became the new minister of Kirkcudbright Church. Because of the COVID-19 health crisis it was a quiet service held in the vestry with four of us from the Presbytery and four members of the congregation - Ivor and Helen Waddell and Graham and Louise Finch.

The service was led by Sylvia Livingston, the Moderator and Donald Campbell the Presbytery Clerk. David Bartholomew was also present in his role as Interim Moderator.

I found it a moving and intimate time of worship as I made my promises to be a faithful minister to the Christian community Catherine and I have been invited to become part of.

I thought of the 35 years in which I have been a minister in the Church of Scotland and of those who welcomed me into my first charge in Dalmuir, Clydebank in 1984; of my last 16 years in Colvend and the many glad memories I have of living and working in a beautiful rural parish; I also thought about the ministers who have served Kirkcudbright through many generations  such as Douglas Irvine and more recently John Collard. Their teaching and care and encouragement is what I have been called to continue.